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Teenage Boy Grows A Single A-Cup Breast On His Chest And Doctors Think Fastfood Could Be To Blame

A teenager in eastern China had to have one of his breasts partially removed after it grew into the size of an A-cup bra.

The patient, 19, noticed his right breast started growing when he was 13 years old, according to local media.

It's believed that his 'man boob' was caused by the consumption of fastfood.

Man boobs are caused by a condition called gynecomastia that affects between 40 and 60 percent of men.

It's generally caused by a hormone imbalance that starts during puberty, and is characterized by the growth of woman-like breasts caused by drugs, genetics, steroid use, weight gain and aging.

When it's caused by weight gain it's called pseudo-gynecomastia, because it doesn't involve the growth of actual breast tissue, just the accumulation of fat in that area.

According to Chinese newspaper Qianjiang Evening Post, the patient, known by a pseudonym Xiao Yang, lives in the Cangnan county of Zhejiang Province.

The teenager noticed a significant growth in his right breast six years ago.

He and his parents had visited numerous hospitals but failed to find a cure.

They went to the Wenzhou Central Hospital in early July, and were received by Dr Pan Zhongliang, the chief physician.

Dr Pan gave Xiao Yang a B-scan ultrasonography, which showed a growth in his right breast's mammary gland and it was about the size of an A-cup bra.

His left breast appeared normal and did not show any signs of swelling.

The doctor and his team performed a mastectomy on Xiao Yang. He was discharged from the hospital five days later.

Xiao Yang's breast growth is believed to have been caused by a hormonal imbalance, but it is not likely to grow back following the surgery, Dr Pan told Qianjiang Evening Post.

The condition is called gynecomastia, which is characterised in men by the growth of women-like breasts.

Dr Pan said the hospital receives more than 100 teenage patients every year who suffer from the condition.

He added that the condition is likely to be caused by eating too much fastfood and puffed food, due to the 'gender-bending' chemicals in them.

Dr Pan suggested men should avoid eating foods like fried chicken, soy milk and royal jelly.


- Mail Online