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Wednesday A Public Holiday For Angola As Nation Goes To The Polls

President of Angola Jose Eduardo Dos SantosPresident of Angola Jose Eduardo Dos Santos

LUANDA, Aug 22 -- Outgoing Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos announced Monday that polling day on Wednesday will be a public holiday as the country's holds its fourth general election.

The announcement was made in a media statement issued by the Civil Affairs Office of the President of Republic, stressing that the day off would not cover workers who are required to work on shifts, who will instead be given time off from work to cast their ballots, in accordance with the law.


Six parties are contesting the general election -- the ruling MPLA, the mian opposition party UNITA, as well as the PRS, FNLA, APN, as well as CASA-CE coalition

The National Electoral Commission of Angola (CNE) says a total of 12,512 polling stations has been organized throughout the country with 9.3 million registered voters expected to vote in the general election.

Under the national Constitution, Angola's president is not directly elected by the people. Instead, the leader of the party with the highest number of members in the Parliament becomes the president.