LAST_UPDATESun, 20 May 2018 9pm

Indonesia To Be World Top Geothermal Power Producer In 2021

JAKARTA -- Indonesia's Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry has projected that Indonesia will replace the US as world largest geothermal power producer by 2021, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reported. 

 Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry spokesman Dadan Kusdiana said Indonesia will take the runner-up post, which is currently held by the Philippines, in 2018 by generating 2,023.5 megawatts (MW) of geothermal electricity. 

 In 2021, the capacity will reach 3,559.5 MW and the country will take the top position.

 This forecast is also based on data that show geothermal sources in the Philippines are declining, while there is no significant increase recorded in the US.

 Indonesia is estimated to control about 40 per cent of the world's total geothermal reserves. However, this potential remains largely untapped, with current usage remaining at 1,698.5 MW, or approximately 10 per cent of the existing reserves.