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[Video] Nanny Faces Attempted Murder Charge After Violently Flinging Baby Into Her Cot

A child carer in Namibia is facing an attempted murder charge after a nanny cam caught her violently throwing a baby into a crib.

Footage taken from inside the child's bedroom shows the nanny walking into the shot while carrying the child - Laila - by her shoulder and neck.

The nanny begins to tidy the bed and then, shockingly, throws Laila into it face first, causing her to land with a powerful thud.

Laila is heard crying as the nanny leaves the room.

Laila, who is 9-months-old and beginning preschool, is fine, but this is a video that her mum Annemarie Theron, 31, will not soon forget.

She told MailOnline: 'I didn’t expect to see what I saw and I was absolutely shattered. I was horrified that she could look me in the eye - like she did everyday - with that going on. What else was going on? My heart breaks.'

The nanny - whose identity has not been publicized - was arrested on Friday under charges of child abuse, assault and attempted murder.

She appeared in court on Monday and was denied bail, remaining in custody until October.

'She did my child an injustice and I don’t want her to have access to other children again,' said Ms Theron, who works as a marketing and reservations manager at a remote holiday lodge in the town of Outjo.

'Initially the police weren't really into the case until I showed them the video. Now I've had fantastic support,' she said.

Ms Theron, originally from Zimbabwe, and her husband Johan hired the woman in about May of this year. She had received a glowing review from her previous employer who had said she had been great with children.

But at the end of July, Ms Theron had the feeling that something was wrong.

She said: 'I noticed marks on the balls of her [Laila] feet where the creases are. I couldn't understand where they came from and I started being very particular to what was going on. I didn't see anything else for a long time.'

A red flag came this month after Mr Theron noticed Laila acting scared of the nanny -the couple discussed installing cameras in their home.

The shocking conclusion has enlisted support from all over the world.

Ms Theron said: 'Not all maids are bad. I grew up with a maid my whole life. It is just going to take some time to trust people and I’m sure that time will come.'

She added that Laila's story has shed more light on the nanny's character and people have come forward citing violence at home, particularly when paired with alcohol.

Ms Theron said the nanny had four children of her own. 'I don’t know who is going to look after them now. There’s a part of me that feels guilty.'