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Mass Deaths Of Endangered Dolphins Baffle Environmentalists, Over 80 Carcasses Found Floating In The Sea

RIO DE JANEIRO: Brazilian environmentalists are perplexed after more than 80 grey dolphin carcasses were found off the coast of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in the last month.

In a statement issued by the Instituto Boto Cinza (Gray Dolphin Institute), majority of the marine animal had died over the past 17 days in the Bay of Sepetiba – which is a coastal district that is located 70 kilometres from the capital city.

The institute elaborated that their current monitoring and observation has revealed that at least five dolphins die on a daily basis, yet initial investigations have yet to reveal the cause behind the tragedy.

According to the local Brazilian media Al Dia News, it's the worst mass death of the dolphin this decade, reports.

The report cites the institute, a non-government organisation which monitors the dolphins stating that 88 dolphins have died in the past 18 days which accounts for 10 percent of the population in the area.

All the workers at the institute could do was to collect the carcasses and bring them back to shore to perform autopsies to try and determine the cause of the mysterious deaths.

The institute shared the alarming string of deaths on Facebook two weeks ago, triggering the concern of environmentalists worldwide.

In an effort to preserve the lives of these species, the result of the on-going lab test is expected to be released by month's end.

- Malaysian Digest