ICRC Postpones New Aid Delivery To Eastern Ghouta

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DAMASCUS -- A new aid convoy that was supposed to enter Eastern Ghouta, Syria on Thursday has been postponed, said the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

ICRC spokesperson Inji Sedky told China's Xinhua news agency, the convoy was postponed to an unknown date due to the evolving situation in the rebel held enclave of Eastern Ghouta.

’Conditions in Eastern Ghouta on the outskirts of the capital city Damascus do not allow us to move forward with the operation," she said.

The first 46 aid trucks entered Douma district on Monday, the first such aid to reach that area since the UN Security Council adopted a resolution on a 30-day humanitarian ceasefire on Feb 24.

However, activists said 14 of the 46 trucks could not be offloaded due to the shelling on the area.

UN humanitarian agencies sounded the alarm about the worsening humanitarian situation in Eastern Ghouta where activists said over 800 people have been killed in clashes since late February.

The Syrian army has captured 52 percent of Eastern Ghouta in recent days as part of a large scale offensive to dislodge the rebels from the enclave.